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Wade Wong – 精選十大新晉攝影師2015 – Top10 New Age Photographer 2015(婚禮雜誌Wedding Magazine HK)

Interview Video is coming soon…

1st Mardin Wedding Photography (Qualification) (International Group)

《 Mardin Wedding Qualification 》 我們首次達到 Mardin Wedding Photography. 的Qualification~~ 很開心~ 這個closed group 是國際間的 wedding 攝影group,內有5千多個members。 相片要達到4個評分標準才能拿到這個Qualification的~ 近來攝影上有一點點成果,希望成果會不斷,可以讓團隊走得更遠~~ 我們11月初去首爾,繼續努力~ Fighting!! Chief Photographer: Wade W. Crew Photographer: Lai Man Fai @ WoooK Professional Mua:… Continue reading

Louise & Kenneth Pre-wedding (Hong Kong)

Winki & Joe Wedding Day

Curie & Keith Wedding Day

Long-lasting Love

Location: Taipei

Eva & Neo Taichung Pre-wedding

Many people said Taiwan is nothing special but I believe I can find the truth from the bottom of your love. [ 台灣 台中 pre-wedding ]

Ka Ka & Kiu Pre-wedding

Hong Kong  Pre-wedding

Spring & Jeff Pre-wedding

The One, The Only One