WADE WONG  mixed Blood (Thai & Chinese), born and  raised in Hong Kong. You may find a little bit Thai pattern from him. He love travelling very much and interacting with people over the world. Enjoy learning different culture, enjoy jumping at different cities.

Photo by wade w wong pre-wedding paris wedding day de w gallery

He has devoted his time on photography to take wide range of photos, ranging from family, wedding day, pre-wedding, maternity & new born baby, event photography to landscape shooting.

IN 2013, his team had started oversea pre-wedding services. They are good at planning and bringing friends & clients to any places they like. Taken the unique moment they have, strengthen the relationship they got.

KEEP Learning and creating makes Wade’s photography different. His ultimate goal is to bring his artistic fine art to Wedding photography.  Look forward to making friends with you all soon!!

International Achievements:
< 2014 >
2014 World Elite Photographer – > Second Half Competition – Captured 1 Best Award
2014 World Elite Photographer – > First Half Competition – Captured 2 Best Awards

< 2015 >
2015 Asia Wedding Photographer Association -> First Half Photo Competition – Captured 2 Excellence Awards > (HK area only 9 photographers were being awarded)
2015 All About Weddings -> New Vision 超新星
2015 Wedding Magazine ->Top Ten New Age Wedding Photographer
2015 PPAC Annual Online Print Competition – Captured 2 Best Awards

< 2016 >
2016 Wedding Magazine Annual Award – The Best Pre-wedding Photographer
2016 Turkey Wedding Awards – Best Wedding Photos (Online)
2016 WPPI First Half online competition – 
Captured 2 honors of excellence
2016 PPAC Annual Online Print Competition – Captured 3 Best Awards
2016 Asia Wedding Photographer Association -> Second Half Photo Competition – Captured 3 Excellence Awards

< 2017 >

2017 PPAC Annual Printing Competition – Captured 3 Best Awards
2017 Wedding Magazine Annual Award – The Best Creative Composition Photographer