Wing & Ken Studio Pre-wedding (Hong Kong)

ⓦ Wing & Ken Elegant England Post-wedding
英倫式的,不同的拍攝感覺~謝謝 Wing & Ken 同我地一齊經歷紀錄他們愛的延續~ Studio拍攝 亦是我們未來的方向~希望帶俾大家全新的感覺~

Chief Photographer: Wade Wai Tak Wong
Behind The Scenes: Kit Chong from De W. Gallery Photography & Videography
Professional MUA: laikoko from Koko Lai . Lavinia Bride Makeup
Pre-wedding World Tour 2016
》April 9 — Taichung (台中,清境)(Final 1 Room Left)
》April 22-23 — Barcelona (巴塞隆拿) (Final 1 Room Left)
》May 30-31 — London (倫敦)(Final 1 Room Left)
》June 1-8 — Paris, Prague, Venice(巴黎, 布拉格,威尼斯)
(Different Schedule is opened for discussion)
Pre-wedding: Photo by Wade W.
Wedding Day: De W. Gallery Photography & Videography
Studio Pre-wedding: WoooK (1800 feets )

PRe-wedding photo by wade de w gallery studio muse woook lab vintage top ten 1200

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