《Abstract Canvas-Top Banner Award》+《 3rd Mardin Wedding Qualification 》

< Abstract Canvas – Top Banner Award >
” This award is given to images that show amazing composition and just seem to fit so well on the top banner of Abstract! You can’t ask or pay your way to be on top! ”

這個closed group 是國際間的 wedding 攝影group,內有一萬4千多個members。好開心能夠奪得Top Banner Award~ 還被用作該group 的Cover Photo~ 很開心~ 開心的是在group中的攝影師comment與建議,令自己不斷進步~

< 3rd Mardin Wedding Qualification >
同一張照片更達到 Mardin Wedding Photography 的Qualification~~

Chief Photographer: Wade Wai Tak Wong
Videography Team: Kit Chong & Lai ManFai from De W. Gallery Photography & Videography
Professional MUA: Laikoko @ Laivinia Bride Makeup
Bridal Gown: PERFECTION 唯 美 主 義 Mardin Abstract Canvas

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