2nd Mardin Wedding Photography (Qualification) (International Group)

《 Mardin Wedding Qualification 》
我們再次達到 Mardin Wedding Photography. 的Qualification~~ 很開心~ 這個closed group 是國際間的 wedding 攝影group,內有6千多個members。 相片要達到4個評分標準才能拿到這個Qualification的~ thanks thanks 大家支持呀~

Chief Photographer: Wade Wai Tak Wong
Videography Team: Kit Chong & Lai ManFai from De W. Gallery Photography & Videography
Professional MUA: Hickic Tang from GplusSTYLE ( Bride Make up & Hair / Pre-Wedding )
Bridal Gown: PERFECTION 唯 美 主 義 (Hong Kong famous marriage 紗 shop)

20151021 Mardin Wedding Achievement

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