Cathy+Nick Engagement Shooting

It was a hot day. Thank you very much for all your effort and support especially Cathy and Nick + Ying(Lighting). This is my first Engagement shooting. I tried many styles and angles. I just want to say ~Lovely Hong Kong~!!

Glad to know that I will be the photographer of Cathy+Nick Wedding Day. Client and friends’ support makes my work alive.   Thanks for their trust~~

20120923 Nick&Cathy Engagment Shooting_143-5 copy Cover - NICK & CATHY PHOTOBOOK copyNICK & CATHY PHOTOBOOK2NICK & CATHY PHOTOBOOK3NICK & CATHY PHOTOBOOK 13 120120923 Nick&Cathy Engagment Shooting(made)_38 120120923 Nick&Cathy Engagment Shooting(made)_64 120120923 Nick&Cathy Engagment Shooting(made)_52 20120923 Nick&Cathy Engagment Shooting(made)_85 1 NICK & CATHY PHOTOBOOK 920120923 Nick&Cathy Engagment Shooting(made)_92 1 20120923 Nick&Cathy Engagment Shooting(made)_95 1 20120923 Nick&Cathy Engagment Shooting(made)_96 1 BACK - NICK & CATHY PHOTOBOOK

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