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Cherry & Ryan Wedding Day

Denise &Ku Wedding Day



Tai O (大澳) is the traditional Fishing Village in Hong Kong. Wade loves there very much because plentyof shooting topics and angles but also it can express Hong Kong’s traditional easily >  International… Continue reading

Elsie & Eric Pre-wedding/ Engagement


Iris & Ivan Pre-wedding

在狂風雷暴。大驟雨的一天出發。不同的天氣變化,在同一個地方,有不同特別的景象。謝謝Iris &Ivan 相信我們,在天氣不穩的情況下繼續啓航^^

Rita & Dave Wedding Day

Mina & Raymond Post-wedding

The Starting Point of True Love – Beijing Pre-wedding

This is private booking by Amy and Jeffers. We got a wonderful moment with them. Never thought of being treated as a guest since we were working. Thank you so much for their… Continue reading

Agnes & Paul Wedding Day

Katy & Gary Pre-wedding